Bud Tucker in Double Trouble

Adventure 1996 Dos Dosbox Merit Studios Humorous Cartoon

A wacky cartoony adventure game

Bud Tucker in Double Trouble is a wacky cartoony adventure game that involves lots of puzzle-solving tasks. You play as Bud Tucker, that is a pizza delivery boy during the day and a lab assistant at nights. His professor was abducted by an evil and lunatic boy named Dick Tate, and it's his job now to save him, and to stop Tate cloning a billion versions of himself to populate the world. This 1992 point & click adventure involves a lot of exploration in a town called Barryville. Throughout the game, you will pick up, use items and perform other actions that are shown in words (the verbs are in the form of images) or icons on the screen. You will find the dialogues full of humor, and also, some bizarre and crazy elements that will raise your interest for the game. It's well elaborated, that brings an enjoyable soundtrack, a catchy introduction that will trick you into thinking you are watching a genuine cartoon, great animations and detailed environments. For those that are used to carry many things in their inventory for an extra comfort, this game will annoy you a bit from this point of view: the inventory won't allow you to hold more than three items.Leaving this behind, if you want a cartoony and funny experience, you should definitely try Bud Tucker in Double Trouble!

Cartoony, funny adventure with an interesting main characters

In Bud Tucker in Double Trouble you will play a pizza delivery boy, Bud Tucker, a misfit and a character that is bound to get into trouble! Other than his day job delivering pizza, Bud also works as a part time lab assistant, where he aids a mad scientist which is doing all sort of experiments in cloning. But, this professor has his own nemesis, the evil Dick Tate. Following some equipment being stolen, more and more Dick Tate clones surface, and its Buds opportunity to show his worth by stopping this baddie, any way that he can. From there on it is a long list of puzzles, some crazier than others, many built on top of the combination of items mechanic. So, as it is, Bud Tucker in Double Trouble puts forth an interesting, humor filled story, with lots of slapstick comedy elements and lots of varied puzzles. Graphically the game is well delivered, with a good set of sprite animations and detailed backgrounds. The game will entice any lover of adventures with a tongue in cheek delivery of the main story.

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