Beavis and ButtHead: Little Thingies

Adventure 1996 Windows Viacom New Media Humorous Cartoon


Little Thingies is far from a classic game of depth and sophistication, but sometimes you just want something dumb to fill in some time during a coffee break and in that respect, this succeeds admirably. Whether you find it entertaining or not will rely heavily on your liking for Mike Judge's classic comedy creation, but if you are a fan, then this will have you laughing your socks off. Following on from the duo's earlier outing, Virtual Stupidity, this is basically a collection of mini-games (some of which featured in the aforementioned title). There are seven to play through here and which will see you causing chaos in Burger World, mucking around with TV shows in an effort to find something cool, and taking out vicious opponents on the tennis court. Other games see you burning ants before they can steal your candy, hocking loogies at the school principal, catching snacks at the local warehouse while avoiding bulldozers, and rocking out in style to your own gruesome tunes. Let's get this straight. None of these games is going down in history as a classic, but for dumb fun, you can't go too far wrong with the package. The game gets the look and feel of the TV show just right (which may be a big no-no in your book), with specially recorded lines from Mike Judge just for this collection and which add greatly to the fun. The games themselves are varied and simple to pick up but strangely addictive, with that one more go quality which such a title needs. This might not be for everyone but if you've got some time to kill, you could do worse.

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