Drascula: The Vampire Strikes Back

Adventure 1996 Dos Dosbox Digital Dreams Humorous Cartoon

Dracula is not as dangerous as you think.. or is he?

Drascula is a very neat cartoonish looking point and click adventure game that involves one of scariest people in the history of mankind - the Evil Count Dracula. You are a real estate agent on a trip to Transylvania to sell some land, and strange things start to happen.. Don't worry, the game is not that dark at all. The game is actually a fun and light comedic adventure game, much like Pratchett's Discworld game series. There is a lot of humor, many jokes and certainly lots of fun. The game is a controlled by a mouse in a standard point and click 2D environment, and is very simple to use, hinting that it is probably best suited for preteens. In my opinion, everybody will love it, no matter the age! I especially love the game's great cartoonish graphics and beautiful colors, as well as the fantastic design. They definitely add to the game's carefree and humorous atmosphere. Basically, the game is a parody of the scary Dracula, the man who is the main object of many a nightmare. Very fun, very funny, great looks and easy gameplay - what is there not to like?

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