Brain Dead 13

Adventure 1995 Dos Dosbox Coconuts Japan Entertainment Co. Humorous Cartoon

A horror cartoon animated adventure

Basically Brain Dead 13 is in the interactive horror movie genre and was made for various platforms, such as for the famously failed Phillips CD-i, 3DO and Atari Jaguar consoles. It was first released on MD-DOS in 1995 by the software developer Readyhouse also made famous for making the game Dragon's Lair. The game has a lot of cartoon animation style, very similar to many of the cartoons from the 1990's. The character you play as is called Lance who is a computer expert who has learnt someone's computer he is fixing is actually an evil villain wanting to take over the world (how cliche). The game would be recommended for a mature audience in their teens and above, due to the graphic violence involved in many scenes of the game, however these scenes can often be comical and are developed in cartoon. The game doesn't have much freedom of movement or adventure in the game and is very linear in it's interactive movie plot. You can die unlimited times if you make the wrong choice and keep resetting from the last scene, which makes the replay value very low. A game worth playing once as well as worth simply just playing for the entertainment value and the nostalgic feel the style of cartoon, that just screams 1990' that is used within the interactive game brings.

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