Orion Burger

Adventure 1996 Windows Dosbox Sanctuary Woods Humorous Cartoon

Obscure but intriguing adventure

A particularly obscure game from the 1990s, Orion Burger is actually an intriguing little game that manages to combine an inventive storyline, unusual graphics and a high level of challenge to create something that is worth tracking down. The rather bizarre plot revolves around a plucky pet shop assistant and his attempts to save the universe from the evil machinations of an intergalactic fast food chain, and the game is almost worth playing solely to watch the story play out, it's that unusual. The puzzles are based around both an inventory system and on conversations, and while the conversation-based ones are easy enough to solve, the inventory ones are much more difficult, verging on the frustrating fairly often, as there is potentially a lot of repetition if you get them wrong. Visually, the game is actually very impressive for its age, with crisp, clean, cartoon-style graphics which feature some really imaginative environments and characters. Sound too is generally good, with some excellent acting, although the main character's voice is perhaps a little unexpected based on his appearance. Although nothing outstanding, and with more than its fair share of frustrations, Orion Burger is definitely one for fans of obscure games and adventures like the Monkey Island series and is worth investigating.

Aliens and burgers

Orion Burger is a fun cartoonish adventure game released in 1996 by Eidos Interactive for the PC and Macintosh (like Goblins) and has a very funny gameplot. Your task in the game is to save the world from an alien fast food chain through a time loop. The aliens want to use humans as a protein ingredient for their food, and we cant let that happen, can we? You control the main character, young Wilbur, wandering about his hometown in a cartoonish 2D enviroment, solving puzzles to gather gear and information which will help him drive away the aliens from his planet. The gameplay is composed of pointing and clicking on comands such as talk, take or use, which can be somewhat tedious. The graphics are outstanding, rich and colorful and personally the best feature of this game. The sound good but not fantastic but it has full voice acting which was splendidly done. With such great originality in the story and fantastic cartoonish view, it's really a shame that the game didn't get noticed in the gaming world, since it's a great deal of fun and definitely not a game to miss out.

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