Bumble Games

Puzzle 1983 Dos The Learning Company Math or logic Arcade style

Let's get learning!

This is a very early effort from The Learning Co., a publisher well know for the likes of edutainment titles like the Super Solvers series, but despite its age, Bumble Games actually remains a fun excursion for youngsters looking for some computer-based learning. There are six games on offer here, all based around learning number skills and players are guided through things by a charming insect character known as Bumble. The first game is a simple enough guessing game, where players must guess the number that Bumble is thinking of, with hints provided to help you get nearer the right answer. The second one requires you to track down Bumble as he hides in a four by four grid and which requires an understanding of coordinates, making it a useful one for budding cartographers. Then there's another couple of similar games which up the square count for some added challenge. The last two games are a tic-tac-toe variant for two players which is played out on a five by five grid and a drawing game, which is again based around coordinate skills. This last one is perhaps the best, as you have to select different points on a grid in order to draw out pictures, and you can either use the one's from the game or just play around to see what you can come up with. While Bumble Games isn't earth shattering stuff, it does provide some useful skills in a fun environment so for the target audience it does make for an entertaining and educational experience. The visuals are nothing spectacular but are perfectly serviceable, and overall this is a solid piece of edutainment.

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