Robot Odyssey

Puzzle 1984 Dos The Learning Company Education Math or logic

Robot tinkering and component soldering simulator!

Alright, don't expect to learn what electrical engineering is all about after you are done with this game, but remember that Robot Odyssey does indeed use some true to life schematics and puzzles based on soldering elements in an electrical circuit the right way. Therefore, Robot Odyssey will offer you just the right amount of variety and the right amount of true to real life to entice both those that come from an electrical tinkering position but also those that just love the idea of fiddling around with robots. Don't expect too much graphically though, this is an early game, having been released in 84 and is also a pretty modest game graphically be design, as it wasn't intended to be more enticing this way. Instead, you won't have problems recognizing the symbols for the different electrical components, breakers, condensers, etc. Also the game has that The Incredible Machine kind of vibe which has to do with experimentation and with trying novel takes all in order to reach a certain conclusion. So give that one a go as well if you like the premise of this game but would feel better in a more immediate game. Robot Odyssey sure can be pretty hard to learn.

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