Burnout: Championship Drag Racing

Racing 1998 Windows Bethesda Softworks Driving Challenges

A Burnout title focused on drag racing

The Burnout series is a very arcadey, wacky but lots of fun series, the kind that was never about serious, simulation heavy playing, instead it was more about managing to create a balance between playability and fun. Thus, there is little that could be said negatively of the games, because they generally wore their hearts on their sleeves. This game here is a lot more focused than the others, offering you only simple, straightforward drag racing, which, for me at least can be a bit on the not so fun side. But, hey, in truth, Burnout: Championship Drag Racing offers a very well put together drag championship. Again, the keywords here are fun, light simulation and mainly arcade controls that let you have fun. Sure, the game is tilted to make drag maneuvers easier, so that kind of takes the challenge out of the picture, as you're having a much easier time dealing with what the game offer, and you are by no means as involved in managing a perfect drag race. And, so, Burnout: Championship Drag Racing is a bit too lite for most people's tastes, mine included, but as I said, a focused and playable title.

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