Power Surge

Racing 1998 Windows MicroValue Driving

Simple but fun drag racing

it is a drag racing game which is not great but has a lot to offer in terms of addictiveness. The game is all about raw speed and racing where you will engage with a racer on track with a goal to register a time better than your opponent. The dynamics of the car are great in terms of the handling skills and the speed and you can do a lot of curves and action easily. Though it is not that much realistic but is close to realistic elements of car racing and provides a lot of fun to the gamer. In terms of the graphics, the game has to offer some very good animations and action sequences which are quite swift and well matched to the gameplay. You can practice on the tracks before you actually race with the opponent and the practice allows you to know what time will be best on a particular track. The A1 in the game is very good as all your opponents are very competitive and they really give you a tough time. The game also provides power ups and car upgrades. The controls are also smooth and responsive and the interface is also well designed. I all also a fan of Viper Racing which is a simple yet fun car racing game.

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