Newman Haas Racing

Racing 1998 Windows Psygnosis Car simulation Driving

Decent F1 racer, pretty well polished and fun

Newman Haas Racing is a straightforward F1 game, part arcader, part a serious simulation. Therefore, what the game ultimately does, is create a very playable, easily controllable type of experience, with a sufficient amount of vehicles to choose from and also, with a great overall graphics set for it. At any rate, Newman Haas Racing is pretty well rounded, and, it's best feature is the way the cars behave. With a full on racer you'd have issues at times, in terms of adequate speed reduction or very finely tuned decelerations; with this one however, you don't have to worry as much about losing grip of the car, though that will happen also, just that it won't happen in a manner that takes you out of the races. So, this one, while still adequate for players that really want a challenge, is not unplayable without a wheel or some other type of controller (though using wheels or thumb stick controllers will help!). So, if you want a graphically modern F1 game, sufficiently advanced simulation based but never too prone for losing control of your car due to inadequate controllers/ piloting techniques, Newman Haas Racing is the name of the game. A good alternative would also be Test Drive 5, though this one has a more diverse roaster of vehicles not being exclusively F1 based.

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