Go Kart Challenge

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Karting simulator with good graphics

Go Kart Challenge is a straight kart racer. It does not want to spike up the game with no cartoon theme, it does not bring forth characters from other gaming/animated series, it just want to create a good kart sim racer. Does it manage it? Well, yes. The game sports a good amount of different karts and drivers, which, in combination will lead to different play styles that will feel rather different. You will most probably end up choosing the version of vehicle/driver that suits your style best, whether you want to accelerate faster during straight lines or are into the game of better cornering. Graphically the game looks good enough, with clean graphics, good 3D depictions of the vehicles and tracks. The controls are also well calibrated, whether you play with a wheel or with a regular keyboard. Any problems? Well, the game is not too diverse. There are rather few tracks, but for the duration of play you will certainly be entertained. So, if you want a clean, nice kart racer, this can sure be it, without a doubt.

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