What They Don't Teach You At Harvard Business School

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Business sim/economical sim

WTDTYAHBS is an economic/business sim that is as intricate and as jittery (hehe!) as they could ever get. It's hard to play, hard to get without a manual and, seemingly very exhaustive in its scope, but, unfortunately it asks a lot of you, in terms of working with abstraction and ideas that need already be understood. Me, who's more into a game such as Lemonade Stand as far as economic simulation is concerned found it really hard. Not that I'm clueless but, the game is just not your easy simulation, it has a lot of areas where you really don't know how to proceed. At any rate, there are 3 acts to the game, as you'll learn the basics and then move on to the more advanced portion. Also, the game suffers because of sparse interaction and a stupid copy protection scheme, that asks you questions almost at all stages, answers which are to be provided from the manual. So, yeah, it kind of takes you out of it, and is pretty much a trudge to play though. So, yeah, I'd rather stick to a game that while less intricate is at least fun! Sorry WTDTYAHBS!

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