HR2: The Simulator

Simulation 1995 Dos Artdink Business Building

Tower building sim, minimalist yet satisfying

This game looks like a prototypical minimalist Cube World creation, but with that said, it is highly interactive and has that play doe or brick game feel that will entice people that love to build things. It puts a cuboids world in front of you, and it really knows how to keep your interest up, as deep down it can be the home for very elaborate constructions. As such, all things considered, HR2: The Simulator is a very long lived game. The quality of the graphics is irreproachable and the isometric perspective sure plays a good part in all of it. It's really exciting and joyful. And so, it creates a game world and an experience that you'll really love, which, in the end is all that it matters. Also, to its credit it can be a bit of an edutainment title since it can teach you basic construction ideas and also a few things about materials. Engineers or tinkerers will definitely find it very pleasing to play with. And if you want to explore creative bundles, download Adventure Game Studio, a great, toolset for the creation of adventure games or otherwise.

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