Baron: The Real Estate Simulation

Simulation 1986 Dos Blue Chip Trade or management Business

Best real estate simulation: for me at least

The game is a turn base simulation of the real estate industry and made a good fan base with gamers all over the world. The focus of the gameplay in this game is towards the dynamics of the real estate industry and you will be playing a real estate investor whose focus is on the buying and the selling of the property rather than anything else. What I loved in this excellent simulation is that their limited focus in the genre has enabled them to develop a very strong business and economic model of this industry and really gives you a good insight of the real dynamics that operate in this industry. The good depth of realism has made this simulation one of the best in this genre and the game still stands the test of time. You will develop your property portfolio by buying a variety of different properties with the cash that will be available to you when you start the game. The UI in the game is very facilitating because you will get a good presentation of the details about the properties that are on sale and such details include the location, prices, mortgage amounts, operating expenses and other details which help you in making your decisions. The gameplay is very good though limited and the graphics are fine as well. In the end it's how you tackle the market dynamics which will enable you to become a big tycoon of this industry which is your ultimate goal. A good alternate to this game is Capitalism Plus but that game is more diverse in terms of the elements of focus.

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