Cabela's 4x4 Off-Road Adventure

Racing 2001 Windows Activision Car simulation Off road

Original driving sim but not for casual gamers

A slightly unusual driving sim, 4x4 Off-Road adventure scores points for trying to do something different with the genre, and while there are numerous faults, for those willing to take a chance, this is an intriguing game. Eschewing the typical racing game obsession with speed and crossing the line first, Off-Road Adventure instead focuses more on the actual driving experience, putting players into numerous inhospitable environments and tasking them with simply getting out in one piece. After choosing of one of several tough off-road monsters, each of which can be customised and tuned extensively, several scenarios can be selected, each offering several minor but important differences, such as the amount of navigation aids available. The game features impressive attention to detail in its damage mechanics and a few neat environmental effects, but is otherwise strictly average in graphical terms, with crude and blocky textures. Sound is meatier however, with some crunchy effects and pumping tunes adding to the atmosphere. Casual gamers looking for another Burnout or Need for Speed probably won't find much enjoyment here, as Off-Road Adventure is more about offering a realistic interpretation of extreme driving, where skill and precision are the order of the day, not out and out speed. However, for those of a more thoughtful nature, this provides a fun and compelling experience that is recommended partly because it is so different.

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