Cadillacs And Dinosaurs

Arcade 1993 MAME Capcom Cartoon

Wacky fighter game, with dinosaur transforming fighters!

Cadillacs And Dinosaurs is a weird fighter game. It not only borrows a few themes from Mortal Kombat, visuals wise, but within that atmosphere it pits all sort of weird fighters to battle each other. The game does not have anything too special to show for itself other than this wacky graphic theme, and unfortunately, the combos and controls feel rather broken. You are going to have a hard time fighting with anyone that has a more personal style. Yes, the game borrows ideas from the greats, but it does not polish them sufficiently, neither tries to find a niche of its own, other than the transformer bits, when the fighters turn into dinosaurs. It is thus rather weird to play this game, as it is never too sure if it points a tongue in cheek to classic older arcade fighters, or it is simply a poor game, that wanted to achieve originality by going full on stupid. So, be advised, this 2000 released 2D fighter is no acclaimed game, it is a weird little product from the imaginations of some really weird developers. So it is a hit and miss if you are actually going to like it or not.

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