Scuba Venture

Arcade 1993 Dos Softdisk Publishing Platformer Cartoon

Simple but likebale action

It is simple arcade plat former game which involves action with adventure. The plot here is that you have a wrecked ship on which there are many sea creatures that can kill you instantly. Your mission is to explore all the treasure on the ships which have been dispersed at different levels. There are around 8 levels in the game and you will complete each level by collecting a specific treasure and then searching the exit to it. It also involves some puzzle solving elements which have been sprinkled over the action. At every level in the game, you will come across distinct sea creatures which you will have to kill using bombs and a spear gun. All the level design in the game are unique and they are a good presentation of the water world theme. The action is smooth and clear as it is supported by smooth but cartoon like graphics. The color scheme in the graphics is also good and the A1 is well balanced. The user interface is not that alluring but the controls are very good to enable you to grip the gameplay easily. Whizz is the other game which I really admire in this genre and I want you to play both.

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