Tom Clancy's

Simulation 1998 Windows Global Software Business Politics

Be the CEO of a software company!

The famous Tom Clancy has been known for his politically infused novels and his involvement in some of the most recognizable tactical and stealth shooters of the last 10 years. Tom Clancy's Rainbow series as well as Splinter Cell pop to mind, but they're definitely not the only creations spawned by Clancy. In Tom Clancy's the turn of the century fear that the major changes would be computerized take leeway in this ruthless (sic) economical simulator game. But, as you might be familiar with Clancy's work, economy bound by law is not where his head is at. Nope, in this game you will have to take the strategy of growth a step further by employing techniques of deceit, misinformation, trickery and more, from an arsenal that turns this game into a truly grin on your face creation. However, the problems start when you realize that the game wanted to be ahead of its time by a lot, but unfortunately the execution is not that well done. The game plays as a board game, similar to Democracy, but it never really takes off, as you are always plagued by interface and design issues. At any rate, the turn of the century software conceit of the game is interesting to be worth a go, even in spite of all the problems that the game has.

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