Streets of SimCity

Racing 1997 Windows Electronic Arts Car simulation City race

Average driving/combat game for Sim City fans only

A slightly bizarre spin-off from the massively successful Sim City series, this eschews the world building and management of earlier games, and instead is a racing/combat game that allows players to explore worlds created in SimCity 2000. Adopting a humorous tone, the game offers up a number of modes, including a career where you participate in mission-based games themed like TV shows, one where you act as a courier and perhaps most curious of all, Granny's Wild Ride where you must prevent an alien invasion. Unfortunately however, gameplay is pretty much the same in all the scenarios but the light-hearted touch and storytelling on display should keep you interested. Five cars (based on real-world classics) are available which can all be customised but the range of upgrades and weapons is disappointingly small. The handling is also less than precise, leading to some unexpected crashes until you get the hang of the cars. The game's visuals are decent but not outstanding, with some noticeable slowdown which reduces the fun considerably, while the first and third person views also bring their own problems. If you're a Sim City 2000 player keen to see your world from a different perspective, this is worth a look but if you are just after a good driving/combat game, consider Interstate '76 instead.

View the SimCity 2000 in your car

SimCity 2000 was a hugely popular game and that was the basis to make this game, Streets of Sim City, because it has the phenomenal feature to explore the great city in your car (just like Sim Copter, whose engine this game used to play), in great detail and 3D rendering. Other than that, this is a very cool racing game. You race only with old cars (like a car that was designed by 1970s the F-Body Pontiac Firebird or Chevrolet Camaro car), and there are a lot of different game mods to play on, inlucing mutliplayer over the internet, so you can play deathmatches with up to seven other players. The soundtrack for this game was composed by Jerry Martin, who also composed music for the other Maxis Sim games, and the soundtrack is really good. The visuals are also fantastic, 3D rendered, the game is dynamic and fast. If you're bored with the standard look and play of the game, there are more than a few fan made mods available online. Both Sim City and racing game fans will love this game and it is definitely worth the time.

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