Captain Goodnight and the Islands of Fear

Arcade 1985 Other Broderbund Humorous

The elements of gameplay are very diverse

It is a good action game which has some humor elements as well. The plot in the game is that an evil doctor has threatened the world to destroy it with a doomsday device if he is not given $ 200 billion in about 24 hours. Now your mission as the savior in the game is to take out the evil doctor, the device and the mechanized minions who work as the allies of the doctor. The game is truly diverse in every aspect. You find games where you have fly crafts and run on land but this game is far more diverse as you fly crafts, run on land, drive helicopters, pilot submarines and boats and can also do action in tanks. You also have a teleport device in the game which is really thrilling. The arcade sequences of action in the games are very engaging and the UI is very interactive to the very core of it. The graphics in the game are above the standards of those times and the A1 is very competitive. The humor element in the game is the dialogues and the commentary of the characters and the enemies in the form of robots and minions. It's a great game to have folks. Alley Cat can also serve as a god arcade game for arcade game lovers.

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