Captain Dynamo

Action 1992 Dos Codemasters Cartoon Platformer

The antihero sidescroller platformer!

There is nothing to keep you from playing (and actually enjoying!) Captain Dynamo! It is a sidescroller platformer which gets lots of brownie points for the graphical design as well as for the well put together puzzles. The esthetic of the game, throughout (although there are zones that are more or less different than the rest) is a combination of underground cave in 16 bit with metal bits used to accentuate certain elements, here and there, stem punk like but not quite. There is also an accent on elevations and conveyor belt puzzles, though you will also encounter enemies to dodge or to tackle. Pretty fun, not exactly your most original game ever, but nonetheless a great mix of elements, without a question. Captain Dynamo shares its style with some other great platformers, it reminded me of Fury of the Furries but also had me thinking of Xargon, though frankly it has its own little original world to offer you. So, if you love shareware era platformers, (though Captain Dynamo is just a hint better graphically then most the freeware games I played) you won't be disspaointed.

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