Driller - Space Station Oblivion

Simulation 1987 Dos Dosbox Epyx Design Tool

Built in Freescape engine and full of puzzles

Driller - Space Station Oblivion is not only a great sci fi, it is also a revolutionary game in that it uses a fully jacked 3D engine, one that allowed all objects in the game to be real 3D, mesh and texture, even animated object. The quality of the graphics, from the standpoint of the technology of the time is outstanding, and, even more so, the fact that the puzzles that you are offered are so very cool and engaging, and also build around the in game objects is absolutely an achievement. Keeping all this in mind, and exploring the game, knowing that every line is a technical achievement, and a new step forward for graphical engines and gaming makes it oh so much more exciting. Plus, the futuristic, space station dedicated to drilling setting really envelops the game in a rich foil of mystery that begs to be discovered. Most of the game is set within vehicles, and judging by the size of the game it's really outstanding how much detail was poured into it all. So, without a doubt, checking it out is absolutely mandatory, for the graphics, the setting and the interaction. It's like a Moonwalk in Gameland!

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