Macadam Bumper - Pinball Wizard

Simulation 1985 Dos Dosbox ERE Informatique Design Tool Pinball

Play the 2D pinball tables or create your own

This here game is both a collection of okay, 2D pinball tables (though, in truth, they can be rather underwhelming!) or you can explore your creative side by building your own tables, out of the already designed and ready to use bits and bobs that are available to you. However, what you won't find as pleasing is the graphics, which while they are okay, they are just to raggedly and simple; now, yes I get that this is a very early game of this sort and that it must have been pretty revolutionary back in the day, but, well, I just felt that I was dabbling in a game too old and too dusty to even be worth going into. At any rate, if you were okay with the graphical restrictions of pinball games on the NES I guess this game will not underwhelm you as much. However, I'm more a fan of more graphically polished games, such as the ones contained by the Pinball Wizard series which simply managed a better overall gameplay experience for me. But, then again, I think that with the right amount of patience you can make your own much more fun tables and actually find the simple to design editing tools in this game quite nice, and maybe that should be the reason to visit it.

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