Project Space Station

Simulation 1985 Dos Dosbox Avantage Software Flight Science Design Tool

Very good in terms of the graphics and the gameplay

It's an excellent space shuttle simulation that involves NASA's space mission. The theme is therefore not a common one and so is the gameplay because you not only have fine flight dynamics but also great strategy elements which are very interesting. Your mission in the game is to be able to build a space station for which you will have to go through a lot of steps and plan a lot of things. It is a project which will take 15 years to get completed and you will have to make the right decision and carry the required components to the station. The strategic element in the game is that planning of the budget and the factors involving an approach for R&D which is vital for making it possible. You will also have to make some discoveries along the course so that you can save both time and lives for the mission. The graphics in the game are quite realistic and the flight dynamics are also somewhat real. The controls being responsive add depth and fun to the gameplay and the variety of options make it a must try. If you really love space simulations, you need to try it once and then go for Freespace 2 which is an equally good game.

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