Oil's Well

Simulation 1990 Dos Dosbox Banana Development Trade or management Business Strategic scope

Arcade, cartoon oriented oil drilling puzzler

Oil's Well is a cool, arcade oriented cartoonish oil drilling based puzzler; you control the head of your drill through the underground, and in doing that you take a while to get it to collect all the oil, which here is delivered as oil pellets. Now, while your oil drill can bend and twist through the rocks, it can be damaged by the critters lurking deep down inside. Thus, the game asks you to avoid these critters, which can take some time and timing, to exploit their, generally, standard areas where they roam. Thus, what you have to do is calculate how deep you can drill, and how to get to the areas where you want to get, so that the critters will be out of your way. With each new level, you get a new maze, generally a bit more complicated than the last one you've completed. So, overall, it takes a while to go through the entire number of levels in the game. And, overall, it's a cool experience, and it's worth looking into, if you like puzzles such as this one. Else, downloading Pipes will give you a similar experience, however with a sufficiently different mechanic.

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