Carmageddon 3: TDR 2000

Action 2000 Windows SCi Games Car and action Unconventional Indie Combat Rally Racing

Prepare to make hazard on the road!

Carmageddon 3: TDR 2000 is a racing game published by SCi, being the third of the series. In this one you are finally able to customize your vehicle, for the races with the cops on your track! That's right, the police are present in this game again. Carmageddon 3 is an improved and different version, unlike its predecessors. I am sure those that made a huge mess in the previous games were looking forward for a sequel, in order to hell around one more time. Even if you thought the main goal is to kill everything that stays in your way, this time, things are a bit changed, because you will have to get involved more in the action. You have to complete missions and to deal with a complex gameplay. So, you have races against time, persons walking past, and tasks to destroy your opponents cars. Sounds cool, right? From the visuals and graphics point of view, I can say the game won't rise on your expectations. Ok, the cars and other environment elements were significantly improved, but I strongly think that the producers could have worked harder. You will notice that the people on the streets are more cautious relating to the hazardous events caused by your car and other opponents. They will try to hide and to avoid being hit. Play this TDR version, that means The Death Race, but I will wish you the following: prepare To Die on the Road!

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