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A different and innovative skateboarding game

Trickstyle comes with a new concept that will represent a thrilling experience. The action is set in 2099, that brings a new society and a new sport based on the Hover-Ride technology. This means that people will be able to surf through the air. This game is a skateboarding game that encourages all the fans of this sport (and not only) to compete in a futuristic and captivating setting. Nine contestants enter in the competition named Trickstyle, with the purpose of consumming their energy and appetite for skateboarding, and of course, for the goal of fame and money. There are various fearless skaters you have to choose from, in order to enter the competition. I recommend some additional trainings before competing. The races are violent and dynamic, and will raise your adrenaline for sure! The futuristic appearance conquers some cities such as London and Tokyo. You will use numerous tricks in your way to victory and every character distinguishes himself from others with special moves. The tricks and stunts involve side slips in the air, dangerous bends, take-offs, and obstacles. The graphics are nice, so the sound effects. If you want to find out how this kind of sport will evoluate in the future and how the skateboard will be accessorized and shape changed, play this incredibly fun and addictive game!

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