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Pure evil on 4 wheels!

Carmageddon is a game that is pretty violent and, also, a bit funny, unless it actually it isn't funny and it's just me, desensitized on violence by too many violent games! Well, apart from being a violent game, Carmageddon is also a really fun game, a racer that asks you to drive as mindlessly as you can, and by mindlessly I mean, try everything that would be a definitive no in real life. And that is slamming your enemies, trying to make them lose control of the cars, trying to make them lose track of the road and many other beautiful ways of disposing of them. Graphically? Well, you'd be much better off with Carmageddon 2, if you're pretentious graphically. Carmageddon is not much of a shower, but it sure is an intense game. Yeah, to be frank I'd say it's for those that love retro wholeheartedly, it might not have aged that well really, and the very cartoonishness of it might not be enticing as it once was, but, again, if you really love retro, you'll definitely love this hair metal era racer too. And if not, but you'd still want a badass racer, try one of the later GTAs, these pack some heat as well, though they're not the kind of rad that Carmageddon is!

I'm on a highway to hell...

Carmageddon is a game that has no similarity to any other racing games you have ever heard. It is chaotic, violent and insanely, insanely fun. The point of the game is racing against other computer generated cars in various settings, including cities, mines and industrial areas. You have a limited amount of time to finish the race, or you're toast. But here's the kicker - you don't have to finish the race to win it. You can do other things, like destroying other cars by smashing into them as hard as you can, or by running over and hitting lots of pedestrians that are walking by. It's a free-for-all here. No rules, no laws. The game's extreme violence created a lot of dust in the gaming industry, but that is why most people love it - it's not just a racing game, it's much more than that. It unleashes our imagination and lets us do the worst things without suffering consequences, and it's fantastic for blowing off steam when you're angry or in a bad mood. It is pure evil, and that's why I love it so. Even without the running over and killing ,the game is very fun and exciting. The graphics are great for that time and age and the soundtrack, just like in its sequel Carmageddon 2, is just fantastic - perfect for rock and metal heads! You either love the game or hate it, there is no middle way. I think it's fantastic and urge you to try it out.

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