Carrier Commands

Simulation 1988 Dos Dosbox Realtime Games Software Naval

An aircraft carrier sim with lots of activities

So, if you ever wondered how many types of activities an aircraft carrier could be home to, well, in this game you won't have to wonder no more! You will be able to defend your carrier from enemy ships, submersibles and planes, you will be able to launch planes off of it, to dabble into some hangar action, as well as get into more complex missions that will require you to use all of these tools at your disposal. Each of the actions possible are all included as tabs, which you can click to activate. Then, the display wil shift to better allow you to control that situation. In the case of the aerial defense, for instance, you will be mounted in one of the ship's stationary guns and be able to shoot. The other are similarly produced. The game's graphics are very simple, wireframe heavy 3D, with just a few well chose colors for mesh coloring. Thus, it's no festival for reality and photorealistic lovers, but for a game released in 88 it's more than enough. Plus, the clean, uncumbersome tab based activities make it easy for you to concentrate on the task at hand, and skilled use of all the ship's abilities will win you the missions over. Try Carriers at War for a less action based production, but a more wargame oriented aircraft command game.

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