Lunar Command

Simulation 1993 Dos Dosbox Wesson International Business Space flight

A space sim that is a more versatile version of Moonbase

If you want to find out what managing a space colony on the moon would feel like, this is a game to take you there. The game consists of an exploration portion and of a portion that asks you to build and to maintain the lunar modules in which you and the crew will live. This managerial portion is the more interesting one, as it plays like a game of building and resource management. However, that is not all that it is about; the colony has to be self sufficient economically. That means that you will have to explore for resources and then transport them and then process them. There are random events that can set you back. What I also loved is that the game is based on the time's knowledge of the moon, and is thus a serious kind of sim, a mini 4X that really can make itself loved for serious gamers. Also, it's an expansion of Moonbase which I also highly recommend. Alternatively, for a game that packs a larger chunk of space, I'd say Frontier Elite will pack a much more 4X experience, so try that one as well.

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