Dolphin Boating Simulator

Simulation 1988 Dos Dolphin Marine Systems Naval Unconventional

Take a relaxing stroll in the ocean!

Dolphin Boating Simulator is an all family, feel good, no violence kind of game/simulation, where you control a boat/small motor ran yacht on the sea. There aren't many things that you need to do in the game, except reach certain buoys and move around, just relaxing. The game's graphics look pretty simple, and the fact that you are at sea doesn't offer many chances to actually get to see a lot of different vistas anyway... still it looks alright in that 8bit, imposed perspective 3D from a third person view (from inside the boat's interior). There is also a slim edutainment value to this title, mainly resulting from the fact that the game paints various objects with their proper names; the sky with sky, the horizon with the horizon and various parts of the boat with their proper name. But that's mainly it. So, if you can stand raster like 8bit graphics, not the best out there, a pretty gimmicky animation (with very few frames per second) and the occasional dolphin spotting, this can be a pretty cool game to try. Else, download Harpoon, where you get a more action oriented boating game.

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