Sport 1998 Windows Winter sports

It's all downhill

No, this isn't a game about slicing up chicken for a good old fashioned Sunday roast but is instead a rather neat little bit of freeware snowboarding action. It's not exactly complicated but is similarly enjoyable to other such games as Ski Free or Ski or Die, so if you like those, you should have a good time here. The game is basically a very straightforward snowboard simulator, which finds players making their way down a series of ten mountains in an effort to rack up as many points as possible. You get these points by picking up the various tokens which litter each course and by avoiding obstacles and staying upright. Obstacles include the likes of trees, walls and other such objects, and all of them hurt so they are best avoided. That's pretty much it for the game to be honest and it really is simply a case of proceeding through each level until you are done. However, while simplicity is often a great thing, in this case, Carvin suffers from a little too much. Although the game is undeniably fun for a while, it's biggest problem is that it is simply too easy. The ten course are all fairly short and are not exactly challenging, so even if your reflexes aren't the best in the world, it's unlikely you'll be playing this one for very long. It is very easy to pick up, thanks to the incredibly straightforward controls, while the visuals are very snowy but somewhat lacking in much in the way of eye candy. If you are looking for something that is only going to keep you busy for ten minutes, then this is worth a look but if you want something more substantial but still snow-themed, then try SnowBrawl.

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