Castlevania Haunted Castle 3

Action 2001 Windows Miguel Perez Horror

Independently developed platformer in the Castlevania Universe

Some have fond memories of the Castlevania series, especially those that were first introduced to gaming on the NES console. The challenging platforming series served a great platforming adventure, not for the faint hearted though. It featured castle scenarios filed with ghosts, night creatures and monsters that were out to get you at every corner. Thus it feels only natural that a fan would try his hand at a game with the same feel, and the same look. Castlevania Haunted Castle 3 seems like a spiritual successor to the first official game in the series. The game takes place inside a haunted castle, a sprawling labyrinth of left to right platforms, ghosts with flying patterns reminiscent of the first game and a Transylvanian, Dracula infused backstory. So, with nice graphics in the 8bit style of the first game, with a vampire lord killing mission and overall polished design, Castlevania Haunted Castle 3 does a great job at rekindling the recipe. Fans of Castlevania will hardly even feel that this is a low budget one man endeavor, as the game is really good. I totally recommend it.

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