Action 2000 Windows Sprite Horror Platformer

Fanmade classic platformer game

The game is a fan made game which is inspired by castlevania with the difference that you now have a heroine to control. The heroin has been equipped with whip and will have to go through one level after the other. The action at each level features some hostile animals and dangerous monsters and this serious action takes place at the night time at some of the most spooky and funky environments. Like the Castlevania, you can swing your whip and can do different moves for killing the monsters. The animations that have been defined in the game are very crisp and fluid and are very detailed to support an exciting gameplay. There is not much in terms of alternative paths, hidden areas or secrets but still this platform game adds a lot of depth in terms of the graphics and the gameplay. The game is not that long but is all out action throughout the little course. The animations of the monsters are somewhat different from the ones which we saw in the Konami's classic Castlevania but the controls are smooth to the same degree. Well I would give it a high rating due to the fact that it is a fan made freeware.

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