Catch The Sperm 2

Adult 2002 Windows Freeware Arcade style

A funny platformer about avoiding pregnancies and STDs

Don't get hung on the title of this side scroller game. It has only the best of intentions. It was produced by students game design as part of a 2002 effort to educate school children about the perils of STDs and unwanted pregnancies and the best ways to avoid these problems. And, of course, there's no better way to do it than to make sure that sperms don't get away, but get caught in condoms! You will control the trajectory of each and every condom while from the left the dangerous sperms rush at you, slower or faster, depending on your current level. You're not doing this only to be safe, but also because you get rewarded with points and the more points you get, the faster you can replenish your condoms. Later on more perils will come your way, viruses, fungi, bacteria, and even the gruesome AIDS virus. The game has enough levels to keep you engaged for a few minutes, but after that it all begins to lose its charm and you just get bored. But if you learned that STDs are dangerous then the game has achieved its goal!

Arcade adult game

This game is totally cool. CTS was so successful that they made CTS2. It's a lot of fun and really funny too. You have to be fast and moving up the levels really increase the challenge. I like this game because it doesn't require a whole bunch of different buttons. As you move up, it does take more coordination to activate some of the special weapon features, but generally it is just point and shoot. Be careful though, once when our oldest was only about four, our friend Susan came over and he said,"Hey Susan, you wanna play Catch the Sperm?!" It sure stopped her in her tracks. Anyway, this is one everyone in the family enjoyed.

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