Metal And Lace 2 - Ningyou Tsukai 2

Adult 1996 Windows Forest Arcade style Role playing

A well deserved reward

Ningyou Tsukai take all that was bad in the original game of the series and improves it tenfold. It is still a very dirty hentai game where you have to battle women in mecha suits to get to see them take off their clothes, but this time the action packed of the game is hugely improved and you will truly feel like you're putting up a real fight to get your sexy prize. Everything has been improved - gameplay, graphics and audio. The action is a lot better, the movement much smoother and realistic and the AI is very good. The girls won't be easy to defeat, but when they are, you will feel much better about yourself when you see that sexy flesh. The graphics remain similar to that in a Japanese anime, which means that our girls will have huge breasts and perfect body curves, but they are much richer and fuller and definitely more colorful. The audio was once a horrible squeak - not it's replaced by pretty endurable music. Wherever you turn, Ningyou Tsukai is much better than its original and all players, both with a dirty mind and those who are just playing it for the action (yeah, right!), will be very much pleased.

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