Adult 1993 Dos Dosbox Subsino Arcade style

Get the girls hot picture

Silk is an adult dating simulation game in which you are presented with a picture with a hot blonde woman, fully dresssd, sitting on a sofa. Bit by bit,you have to draw lines around her to retrieve the hidden picture that is behing the one with the blond. The girl in the hidden picture is much less conservatively dressed. You need to discover at least 80 percent of the picture to go to the next level. If you retrieve 100 percent, you get a short animation of a girl shaking her stuff, which is surely a great site to see for the guys :)While drawing lines, you have enemies that try to stand in your way, like spiders and dancing clowns and you have to beware of them because if they get in your line, you lose a life and have to start over. This gaem is a pretty original way to get to see hot ladies and its fun too, because of the threats along the way. Since it's a very simple and very small game, dont expect much in the way of graphics of sound - both are very very low. But that isn't really what's important, because the important thing is to get to the hot girl (just like in Get the girl), and this game is a very fun way of doing that. Note that this game has soft porn elements and is not for kids under 13.

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