V.G. Custom - Variable Geo Custom

Adult 1999 Windows Ton Tan Nerw Anime Arcade style Fighting

Girls 'n' fighting

If the idea of classic beat 'em up Street Fighter 2 mixed up with scantily clad girls (well, more so than usual) appeals to you, then this little known fighter should be right up your alley. It looks a little dated but packs in some nice character design, some slick moves and heaps of action to create a solid, if unoriginal fighting experience. This one doesn't deviate from the standard template much, and simply offers you the choice of several lovely lady fighters and then charges you with defeating your opponents in a series of one-on-one duels. Of course, you have the usual array of special moves and combos, with some nicely outrageous and over-the-top ones to discover and with each of the girls handling very differently. You're also treated to some animated cutscenes and voiceovers, as well as some shots of the girls in provocative poses when you defeat them or are beaten by them, which is probably where most of the appeal comes from. For the most part, this is a solid, if unoriginal, fighting game, which doesn't seek to differentiate itself from the crowd in any way other than the saucy nature of its combatants. The action itself is exciting enough, with lots of fast paced fighting to enjoy, although the range of moves to try your hand at could have been larger. The visuals are decent, but are now showing their age, with some blocky character work and minimalist animation, but everything does move along at a fair old pace, which makes up for this. The controls take a little time to figure out and overall, this is a standard one-on-one fighter.

V.G Custom comes to Windows

V.G Custom (Variable Geo)is an adult all-girl 2D fighting game sequel of V.G Max - Variable Geo Max ported from a Japanese home computer. Variable Geo was a short ran anime series, which was well known for its nudity. As the game is based on the anime series, the game features all characters including Yuka herself. V.G Custom follows all normal fighting game protocols, in order to advance you must defeat your rival in 2 rounds in order to progress to the next stage.If you've successfully defeated your rival you'll be shown an image of the defeated character in a rather revealing state. So if you're rather sensitive to explicit images of women, this isn't the game for you. No real option to turn that feature off. V.G Custom fighting engine is rather basic due to the retro computer it was ported from. There are very few special moves you can do. The port is enhanced as it's move to a much more powerful platform, as you can "charge" your attacks to deal out more damage. If you're a fan of Variable Geo as an anime and looking for more entertainment, this is the title for you.

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