Action 2000 Windows N'Lightning Software Development Historical

First person action game with a religious twist

I think you'll be quite riled up and eager to find out what this game is about simply because the game's premise is a very interesting one: the funds for the game were raised after the Columbine shootings. Thus, as a sort of move against violence, as caused by video games (it was believed that the Columbine shooters were avid players of violent video games) this game was created, to sort of tell a story of the becoming of Christianity and its hardships in the wake of the Roman empire persecutions. But, of course, there is a huge difference between what this game achieves and its stated purposes. While on the surface it might pretend to be a sort of gamified story of the Christian persecution, in truth the game is just a simple, rather blind third person action game. The trouble is also that it is clear that the funds that were poured in the game must have entered some pockets that were definitely not responsible for the creation of this game, because while Catechumen is the most expensive Christian community driven project, it is by no means a game with high production values. The lack of polish is apparent in all aspects of its production, from the uninspired levels to the uninspired monsters and the way the missions are all crafted. Also, while the game received some impressive press it was mostly from the Christian community, for reasons that need not be stated… So, while the game is playable, it is hardly anything to be riled about, just another shooter, as you might see, with a more interesting development story than anything else going for itself. Rather go for Serious Sam, a game just as simple conceptually, ridden with monsters, but so much more fun!

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