Agharta: The Hollow Earth

Action 2000 Windows Egmont Interactive Historical

Pretty diverse in mechanics but kinda hollow

At the surface, Agharta: The Hollow Earth is a lovely game that packs more styles of play, though, globally, you can call it an adventure without being wrong about it. However, there are many portions that play as a point and click, others that play as third person action, others that throw in a fit of racing and many more. Storywise, you are a pilot and a private eye, and this lady hires you to search for her father. The plot however, in the way it is delivered, makes little effort to wrap the thing enticingly; what I mean is the writing is kind of bad and unimaginative. I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't expect some high class writing or something out of this world, but at least in tone I have the need for a game that sticks to a certain line. Well, after you get treated to this rather poor story, the rest kind of begins to appear to you in the same light; nothing really is too polished or original, not the puzzles, not the action sequences, none of the elements. So, given the mini episodes manner in which the game is served, if later portions are better, I really can't tell as I didn't have reason to be curious or to keep on playing. Maybe the later stages are better, but I highly doubt it. I'd rather, honestly, play some of the later Myst games, who sort of do the same thing as this game here, though tenfold better.

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