Caverns of Xaskazien

RPG 1995 Windows CodeDread Fantasy

Windows remake of a DOS Roguelike

While the content of the game is exactly the same as the content of the earlier release Xaskazien, this one is playable on later Windows OSes, Win 98 and later. Therefore, if you don't want to play Xaskazien in a DosBox, you can play it directly (with the correct compatibility options checked) and have pretty much the same experience. And, all in all, the experience that is afforded by this game is a totally interesting, and very Rogue like in spirit. With each new play session the world gets renewed. The location of the enemies is changed, the location of the loot also gets mashed about and so, each new play is slightly different than the last one. What will take a little to settle with you is the pervasive use of the fog of war, which keeps you from seeing the entire map, unless you've traversed that portion before. This adds both mystery but also another layer of unknown to the game, as you might end up too near an enemy too strong for you, because you weren't able to see it. Weirdly enough, there is also humor to the game, which arises from the use of really interesting names for objects, monsters and locations, which add depth to this game. Also, this Windows port is much cleaner than the original game, not only did it make the game work under Windows, but it also cleaned a lot of the bugs and glitches. Similarly, download NetHack for a similar roguelike game, just as good if not better than this one.

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