Championship Manager 1993

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The first game in the series is a gem still

Championship Manager has had its high points (the Championship Manager 97/98) and its lower points (maybe the last - commercial - years), but the beginning was really spectacular. The first game in the series was developed by two soccer fanatic brothers, Paul and Oliver Collyer. The game started as a hobby for the 2, but, soon enough the creation developed to the point where it was good enough to be seen by the general public. After a porting session, in which the game was re-written and recompiled to run under the more flexible C programming language, fitted with a more comprehensive database with real players, the game was ready to capture the attention and adulation of the world. The mechanics, tabs, and screens that would later become integral to the experience are present in their proto-form in the 93 version as well and, they do manage to allow a fairly simple and enjoyable control scheme. You can really have a good time with the game for a season or two; to see how it all started but soon enough the limitations will kick in. The game is a good simulation of the 92 championship, thus, if you want to play to win, pick a British team. Championship Manager 93 is and will remain a great innovative game, so do give it a try, it is worth the effort.

The beginning

Every legacy has a begining... at the time this game was the best soccer managment simulation. This format and basic of the ideas would eventually lead to the greatest version in Championship manager 97-98. A classic, fast easy game to use. Very enjoyable back in the day. Only problem is no matter how good your team is - you will never be as good as the teams in European competition because English clubs at that time when the premiership had just formed, were behind the leading clubs in Spain, Italy and Germany. Nevertheless this game simple, fun and well worth getting. Transfer market is so easy to make its untrue! It's nice to look back at some of the players at that time such as Hoddle, David White. Nicky Butt is an unknown 17 year old while Peter Beardsley is probably one of the best players on the game.

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