Sargon 4

Simulation 1988 Dos Spinnaker Chess Strategic scope

Not a new game in the series but a bundle

Sargon 4 is not a new game per se in the Sargon franchise, it is, instead a collection of all the games from Spinnaker Software, at least the ones that were Sargon/Chess inspired So, you get Sargon 1, 2 and 3 in their original builds, yet playable all within the same interface. As you'd expect, the graphics of each game, from no1 to 3 are increasingly well done, and the third is in 3d, while the other 2 feature only 2D tables. To be quite frank, unless you just want to see how the franchise evolved, having the third game in the series is enough to play a good hand of chess; but then again, there is something rather cool in playing an older graphics game, and, for playability's sake, all 3 games rank high in ease of play and Ai builds. Of course, Sargon 3 is the best one, by far, with the most advanced AI, the best graphics, the most number of features, yet all of them are playable. So, if you want chess, and if you want chess in clothes that are from different eras, Sargon 4 won't disappoint!

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