Chess 8088

Simulation 1984 Dos Don Berg Chess

Took advantage of the newly introduced 8088 Intel processors

Chess 8088 is a chess game whose main goal was to test the new architecture of processors, or, rather micro processors, as they were termed at the time, newly produced and architected by Intel, the mighty 8088, which would come to dominate the market and the world of personal computing. Now, the game is not so much a work of beauty, of graphical appeal, but it does a great job at offering you a mighty precise and smart AI, capable of (almost!) intuition and of making decisions that could even make you take rash decisions and lose! Other than that it contains a top down, 2D board game, a very small tutorial, and it keeps you from making mistakes during play. So, with that in mind, Chess 8088 is cool to have in your oldies collection, both for playing, but mostly for the historic value. It's a fun game, rudimental but quite well produced and well realized. So, overall, Chess 8088 is a really great investment, for anyone that loves such games, for whatever reason. Else, with Chessmaster you are going to get a better package, but sometimes the oldie hold more intrinsic power than any of those other titles.

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