Lamborghini - American Challenge

Racing 1992 Dos Dosbox Titus Interactive Arcade style

Forward scrolling racer with Lamborghini vehicles

Lamborghini - American Challenge is not your vanilla racer with an assortment of tracks and vehicles. Nope, its vision is a more specific one: On one hand you will race through forward scrolling environments that depict a futuristic America, with derelict buildings and with bionic pilots that depict an interesting punk/post steam-punk world. You can race an assortment of vehicles, but frankly, you will be picking them mostly for their color, as the handling and other characteristics are relatively similar within the car lot. Anyway, as you would expect with this kind of game, you are not interested in realism, but rather on feel. And in this respect Lamborghini - American Challenge is a far better contender to the classic Lotus series. Yes, the Lotus series was better known, but the feeling of speed that it offered was less prominent than the one brought forth by Lamborghini. Plus, this game makes it harder for you to stay on track and to avoid the cars in your way, as the speed is much faster and also, you can derail a lot more than in Lotus. So, if you want a feeling of constant danger and of breathtaking speed in a classic forward scrolling racer, Lamborghini - American Challenge will definitely deliver.

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