Imperium Galactica 2

Strategy 2000 Windows GT Interactive Galactic War Empire management Turn based Real time Sci fi

An exceptional game that will keep you occupied

Imperium Galactica II: Alliances is a 2000 futuristic strategy game that gives you another opportunity to conquer the Galaxy, by expanding your empire. This game comes with new planets, races, new technologies and many more possibilities. The producers took over the ideas from the original Imperium Galactica, and created this appreciated sequel. There is a story that unfolds along with your development strategies and with the way you manage your empire. There are only three races in the game, so the diversity isn't the strongest point of this game. But the main attraction remains the harmonius way the story combines with the random events that occur. You can either focus on the interesting and absorbing story, or on eliminating the opponents. Your fleet can be built with particular traits and functions. You may use them for invasions, pursuits or for your defense. The interaction with other races or civilizations is significantly improved, so the diplomacy or the spying approach is very well established. The more planets you possess and command, the more resources and other rewards you earn. You can see yoor popularity and rating, and the production facilities will increase your rating. More ships or tanks will be unlocked to be build in a day if your rating keeps getting higher. Play this game with exceptional graphics and a complex gameplay!

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