Strategy 1992 Dos Dosbox Empire Interactive World Wars War

Easy to interface with, but not too meaty tactical wargame

Campaign is a tactical (mostly) wargame, set in current times, that will remind you of M1 Tank Platoon. It uses a very well produced maps, the kind that you'd see, of course, in much more detail, even in today's world of tactics preparation for actual combat. Sure, what you can expect from this one is a really great use of colors and hot spots to showcase your roads, what vegetation to expect (for cover and other tactical advantages) and also, it includes a right hand menu that has but the most useful information and buttons. This great use of menus and the maps make it very easy to control. What it doesn't have as great, is the actual campaign. From this point of view this game almost looks like it begged for some additional campaigns, as if it only showed what can be done, interface wise, for a further date to come for more actual gameplay to be added to it all. Naturally, given this situation, while I can recommend it for the very friendly use of assets and menus, I can't really say that you will get a lot of play hours. But, then again, if you're just jumping in the boat of these wargames, maybe it is for the better, as it gives you time to adjust to what it is you can do and what is the extent of your options canvas, if you will.

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