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Train track themed puzzler

Locomotion offers you a number of scenarios, each one with a more complicated and twisted set of train tracks, which loop, cross track, and feed onto each other. Your goal is to time your trains as well as try to use the levers that change the direction a train will choose on the tracks, so as to allow each and every train to find its way to an exit. So, the premise while simple, soon gets complicated as the train tracks become more twisted and more loopy, and you'll have to manage to find the right way to get your trains delivered to their destinations properly. Yes, later on, you'll really need to plan your strategy very well. You'll have to consider the tracks in depth, look for the best routes, and for the best orientation within each level. Graphically, the game looks good enough to not create any problems or to keep you guessing. The top down perspective works just fine in portraying the tracks and the mostly grass green backgrounds work well to not tire your eyes. For passionate puzzle players with a love for trains and the intricacies of route planning, this game will certainly do a good, entertaining job.

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