Codename: Eagle

Action 1999 Windows Take Two Interactive Military FPS

See how it's like to be a spy, living dangerously!

Codename: Eagle is for all those that always want to see how it's like to be a spy, and want to live an adventure full of suspense, dangers that you have to watch out for, at every step. Sounds interesting and tempting enough for you? Then read further! The plot is very interesting and involves an assassination of a Russian Tzar. In the singleplayer mode you will embark in a series of missions (there are 12 in total) and the action is centered around events starting in Russia, in 1917. Among your tasks are included stealing biplanes (with the chance to drive them), taking down chasers, driving various vechicles, and defending yourself from rabid wolves in the wilderness. The multiplayer comes with larger levels to explore, and a greater variety of enemies. The graphics offer a wonderful and detailed environment, creating the illusion that this game is looking better and better as you progress. The good thing is that the high-quality graphics don't influence in a bad way the smoothness of the gameplay.You begin being equipped with only a knife, with the hard mission to enter the enemy base and start your sabotage. I sincerely recommend this great action FPS production!

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