Half-Life: Counter-Strike

Action 2000 Windows Microsoft Shooter Science Fiction Military FPS

The definitive multiplayer FPS of the 2000 generation

Good things happen in gaming as they do elsewhere in life: by chance! Counter Strike began its life as a community developed mod. Soon after however it developed to its gigantic proportions it sported in its glory days. Millions of players, hundreds of millions of man hours spent in it, competitive tournaments, the works! Why was CS so popular? Well, because it was playable on rather flimsy hardware, to begin with, it was easy to get into and it took forever to become very good at, and it could be played solo or as part of a team. The play stiles included classics such as defuse the bomb, kill all the opponents, recue the civilians and more. The game also had some very memorable maps: De Dust, Train Station, Sewer City, etc. All in all, by the time it became popular it was to be found on almost all net cafes, especially in poorer European countries, and there were leagues that had yearly tournaments, with prizes that made it worthwhile to dedicate yourself to the game entirely. Later on Valve released the game on its Source Engine, improving it graphically but the original, with different iterations of content and updates still lives on today and you an still find servers today in most cities around the globe. So, if you have not tried it yet, do not postpone. Just like other arena shooters, Unreal Tournament, Quake, etc, it has a place secured in history and in many gamers hearts all through the globe.

Buy weapons and follow up!

What if you could buy the gun that you are going to own your enemies with? With every victory you earn money to upgrade your weapons, armor, and even special little things to help you through the map. For example: the beloved silencer. Get in there and set the bomb if your a terrorist and deactivate it if your on the opposing team. Counter-Strike shooter game was developed by Valve which originated form the awesome game Half-Life. It is a modification, the game caught on so greatly that now you can buy the game itself. Just like most shooter games, you are able to download new maps for this game. If there is a multiplayer server that is running a map that you do NOT have, then no worries, you are able to download it by going into the room.

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